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Bio: Hey, I'm Shane I love gaming, sports, hanging out with friends, and everything in between. I dabble in all genres of games and have owned almost every platform that has come out until the Ps4 era and since then have moved onto PC/Mobile gaming. Ever since I was a kid I felt like I wanted to design games but finally stumbled into the idea of it after wanting to change up my 9-year career as a Journeyman Scaffolder. Thank god I did! :) 


Thankfully after some research and friction pursuing schooling in a different area (Personal Training), I found the Game Development at Vancouver Film School. I decided to inquire with them to see what the program was all about.


Game Design has always stood out and fascinated me. I have been very fortunate to professionally work as a Mission Designer on Killshot Bravo and MCOC where I've had amazing mentors, co-workers, and success with my content.


The most useful skill I have taken from each of my school projects, as well as professional work, has been to maintain clear and constant communication between disciplines. Maintaining this helps not only prevent lost time due to fixing mistakes but also creates a good sense of comradery between one another, especially when we were all sent to be fully remote due to Covid.


I'm creative, I think outside the box, I'm a natural-born leader, and a forward thinker as I strive to create the best experiences for players and coworkers alike. Hopefully, I'll get to work on some amazing projects with you! 

You can download my resume and if your interested in contacting me for any career opportunities, please refer to the email below. 


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