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Killshot Bravo Anchor

Multiplayer Quest & Systems Designer
Marvel Contest of Champions

Description: MCOC is a Free to Play Action based Fighting game where the player collects champions from the Marvel universe to use them against the game's most iconic Hero's & Villains alike. 

Notable Achievements: 

  • I'm the main Design POC for multiple modes including Alliance Quests, Incursions, & the Summoner Showdown

  • I worked on The Summoner Showdown 2020 & 2022. It was my first worldwide tournament with over 170,000 participants & over 1 million player attempts vs my boss profiles in the first year alone

  • Over 3.5 years of content added to the game

  • For AQ I designed a brand new Map 8 to engage our highest-end players (The top 1%) and did 2 complete redesigns of our highest-traffic maps 5 & 6

  • Designed a new way to play Incursions in its new Solo mode

Alliance Quests

Alliance Quests


AQ Goals: Alliance Quests provide a cooperative battleground where players work together to defeat numerous champions, Mini-Bosses, and a Final Boss in order to gain resources to upgrade their champions. 

Design Schedule: This mode is permanently live with an on/off cycle of 5 days on and 3 days off. AQ gets an update every 4-6 months where we work on new Mini/Final Boss designs as well as look at areas of improvement such as new or redesigned maps or player engagement loops.   

How the Mode Works: AQ has 8 different maps that yield higher challenges for better rewards. Each map increases the complexity of encounters that an Alliance must face. Each map has 3 variations that we use to create freshness keeping them more engaged through multiple playthroughs. 

Feature Work: AQ has a very large player base and with that, we have ever-growing needs to improve the modes KPIs. Our team has identified key areas of improvement and I have been actively working on features to improve not only player-facing tools & systems but also internal tools and systems.  


  • Feature and tool Improvements (Player Facing & Internal)

  • Design Mini-Boss/Final Boss fights for each seasonal milestone

  • Review data/gather community feedback for ImprovementsIterative mission polish passes. 

  • Create new layouts or update existing layouts as needed

  • Playtesting content

  • Meta meetings

  • Bug fixing

Summoner Showdown 2020 & 2021

Summoner Showdown 2020 & 2021


SS Goals: This tournament was created to provide players with an E-sports-style competition that lets the best players in our game showcase their skills against other players across the world.

Design Schedule: This is an annual tournament that was hosted at NYCC (Due to Covid we decided to pivot and take the tournament virtual). The qualifiers run for 3 weeks and the Semi-Finals/Finals run over the course of a weekend.

How the Mode Works: Players enter the mode by playing the qualifier boss fights that I designed. Based on how they performed the top players from each region of the world progress into the Semi-Finals where they compete against each other. The best players from each Semi-Final bracket move on to the Finals. This part of the tournament is handled like a draft where players choose Attacking & Defending champions for each other to face off against. This framework set the ground for a new mode in the game called Battle Grounds.



  • Designed the 3 Qualifier Boss fights

  • Collaborated and planned specifics for how the tournament would work (Buffs, fight duration, scoring parameters, etc...)

  • Collaboration with Content Creators and team members to film the event.

  • Filming and prepping for filming with players

  • Playtest content



Incursions (Dungeon Crawling Mode)

All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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How To Play Incursions | Marvel Contest of Champions

How To Play Incursions | Marvel Contest of Champions

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SOLO Incursions Are Coming! Rewards Updates And More!

SOLO Incursions Are Coming! Rewards Updates And More!

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Incursions Goals: To provide players with a solo or 2-player Cooperative Dungeon Crawler mode where they face off against randomized enemies with randomized buffs for a new experience every time. This mode was designed to be an evergreen mode that we can quickly update with limited resources or development time.

Design Schedule: This mode is permanently live with Champion, Buff, and improvement updates every 6 months.

How the Mode Works: Players enter the mode and choose champions from their roster. Once their team has been chosen they are matched up with another player of the same strength and they enter into an Incursion Sector. The mode operates similarly to a dungeon crawler where they both take a path of their choice and have to defeat the encounters. As they defeat encounters they are rewarded with buffs that boost their champions. Players continue through Sectors that get harder and harder until they cannot defeat the enemies and get rewards based on how far they progressed.  



  • Sorted 234 and counting Champions into the mode where I broke them up into difficulty tiers. Those tiers get sorted into each sector where we determine the level of challenge we want the player to engage with

  • Created a custom pool of 243 and counting different buffs specifically catered for the mode and broke them into difficulty tiers

  • Designed all the design documentation including a master index that holds all the mode's finer details

  • Designed the Layout for the Duo and Solo modes

  • Design & plan new themed rooms with each release where we handcraft specific encounters alongside our randomized buff profiles

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