School Projects

Quest for Valor is a third person action adventure platformer game. In this map the player must progress through four different islands encountering a variety of challenges ending with a boss fight. These challenges vary between puzzles, platforming, combat, and different combinations of them. 

Combat sim is a futuristic FPS single player game. In this level, the player has to stealthily travel between motion detection cameras and laser tripwires to complete the first beat of the level. The second beat is divided into two combat sections. First, the player must assault and reach three objective locations then they must defend a key area from assaulting enemies.

Concrete lotus was designed for Unreal ournament to be played as a 2v2 map. The level is designed after a lotus to funnel out from the center upwards and out. The level has many locations that the player can use to quickly travel both in and out of buildings, mazes, a central tower, and even a secret location outside the level containing a special upgrade. 

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